218 Series

218 Series

Y-shaped contaminant separator in brass, for liquids.


The series 218 separator is suitable for every water plumbing systems. It is largely used in irrigation systems.

User’s instructions

Assemble the filter in the same direction as the arrow and with the drain plug down in order that, when opening the device, the outflow of the fluid takes away the contaminants deposited on the filter, preventing their backflow into the pipe; during installation, check if the available space is enough for allowing cartridge removal. After every filter cleaning, carefully check the state of the drain plug seal and replace it immediately if damaged. In case of specific needs, it is recommended to install, both up and downstream the separator, a pressure gauge in order to assess possible filter clogging. When a new system is commissioned, it is recommended to open the filters and clean them after a few hours of operation, so as to remove the residues generated during the assembly of the new pipes.

Technologies and features

Environment friendly

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